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All sessions are custom designed to meet the needs of the clientele. 

Listed below are suggestive sessions

Communication Coaching

  • Soft Skills                               Western communication styles

  • Confidence building                 Improving personal styles

  • Decision making                      Decision making in American culture

  • Interviewing, resumes              Resumes, interview coaching

  • English                                   Improving English grammar, vocab, writing

Cultural Social Training:

  • Western Social Behavior         Understanding socially accepted practices and traditions

  • Asian Social Behavior             Understanding socially accepted practices and traditions

  • USA Daily events                   Shopping, traveling, money, driving, housing, food

  • Government                          Government, state, city laws, taxes, requirements

  • Education                              Public and private format

  • The First Week                       Banking, media, housing, utilities

Cultural Business Training

  • Chinese Business                    Concepts, traditions and values of the Asian business mind

  • American Business                  Concepts, traditions and values of the American business mind

  • Leadership management          American business management styles

  • Negotiations                           Comparison of western and Asian styles and techniques

  • Sales/Marketing                      Western values and concepts between business and clients